We are Kext.

Are you running a business? Have you recently started a new venture? Then you certainly know, that give or take, 90% of startups fail*, a whooping half of them within the first two years. The reasons for failing vary from running out of cash, not having a fully viable business model, not gaining enough market traction and many more.

Have you ever asked yourself how much time of your day you spend on stuff that is not key?

Very often, young ventures have brilliant and passionate leaders that live and breathe for their idea. But these great minds do not have the capacity to do and know everything you need to know to run a successful business, this is why they come to us.

Kext has recently turned half a year old so we decided to take a moment to reflect what has happened since its inception.

We are a group of people with a shared passion and a common denominator: an insatiable curiosity and a proven can-do attitude. Our mission is simple: We create time for what is important.

Kext offers business as a service. You tell us what you need, we tie a bespoke package for you and make it happen. This way you get exactly what you need, when you need it, without having to worry about hourly rates or hidden costs.

The Beginning
“Kext was founded with the goal to simplify the life of ambitious ventures with a digital footprint. We create time for our customers allowing them to focus on their market, customer and product and we take care of everything else.“

But what is everything else? Well. Everything.

The Achievements
Digitalization must be THE buzzword next to all things corona related. And digitalization with all its aspects is what we deliver to our customers, who now more than ever recognize the advantage of digitalizing different aspects of their business. Let us share some examples of what we have done in the last few months:

So far, we have helped four companies set up their CRM in Hubspot and created brand new websites for them and we are currently working on two more. In the process, we are turning into real Hubspot heavy-users and have even programmed a super cool image slider to add to Hubspot pages.

We have coded a provenance tracker from scratch: it authenticates the genuineness of an international luxurywater using AWS’ Quantum Ledger Data Base (QLDB). Every bottle of water has a unique identifier that can be scanned via a smart phone. Upon scanning, it informs the user about bottling, expiry date, the authenticity of the product and also gives access to information about the product’s carbon footprint and ways to offset the same. 

Our CFO as a service is also in place and we are supporting a RegTech startup getting their annual financial statements ready for audit and beyond.

We helped a successful scale-up onboard and identify their tokenholders via a bespoke app, including a connection to the Ethereum network and the smart contract of the token.

We have set up a condition monitoring and quality assurance solution for a medical CBD grower, tracking the quality of their indoor hemp nursery and helping them ensure that the delicate plants are kept under ideal conditions and thus yielding the best possible product.

We have “re-platformed” the whole backend of a matchmaking service and have rebooted their sales pitch to simplify finding additional investors to take the service to the next level. We are also working on improving their overall user experience.

We have set up two fantastic teams, the savvy business team in Zurich, Switzerland and the brilliant (and lightning fast) engineering team in Katowice, Poland.

The above is just a little snapshot of what kept us busy in the last couple of months! If you need help with anything, reach out to your favorite business concierge. We are sure that together we will find a pragmatic solution to your challenge – and will have fun doing so!


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* Click here to see the source

Videostill from cottonbro // Pexels

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